What is Medical Tourism?

Also called "Scalpel Tourism", it makes that thousands of people from various nationalities travel abroad for taking advantage of a few days of vacation, as well as to make themselves a plastic surgery or surgeries of all kinds.

Medical Tourism has become an attractive option for potential economic growth in many countries. "Scalpel Tourism" has skyrocketed in the last ten years, and while the actual numbers are unknown, it is known to be increasingly more popular, as it reduces the costs of air travel with very competitive prices for stay, even in heavenly places like this. It is expected that the Medical Tourism will increase even more in the next decade.

Cancun and the Medical Tourism

For a long time it was believed that Medical Tourism in Cancun or travel to the Mexican Caribbean for health purposes, is an activity exclusive for high-class people or groups, or with many resources, however the competitiveness of our destiny, combined with cheaper rates in the medical sectors, has allowed that groups of middle-class can also access health and beauty treatments.

Nowadays, companies in tourism, hospitals and hotels in Cancun –like our Plaza Caribe Hotel– improve their services and infrastructure to encourage and promote this activity. Plaza Caribe, in Cancun downtown, is one of the lodging places that for a long time have made adjustments in their rooms and public areas, providing our guests everything they need to make their stay safe, comfortable and pleasant.

New services companies, such as ForHandicapTravelers.com have specialized in people with limited mobility, in recuperation, or with any disability, covering this new and growing segment. Currently they offer transportation with ramps, as well as wheelchairs, oxygen equipment, chairs and scooter rentals… everything needed for travelers with special requirements!



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